TB Control Program


The Punjab having population of 97 Million which is 56% of the total population of Pakistan. Contributes 63% of the total TB case load of the country. ¼ of the total disease burden of EMRO region is borne by Punjab.


To reduce by 50% the prevalence of TB in the general population by 2025 in comparison to 2012.


  • To increase the number of annual notified TB cases from 194,628 in 2014 to at least 217,570 annual notified TB cases by 2018 while maintaining the treatment success rate at 85%.
  • To reduce, by at least 5% per year by 2018, the prevalence of DR-TB among TB patients.
  • Strengthen programmatic and operational management capacity of the TB Control Program while enhancing public sector support for TB control by 2018.