According to the Rule of Business 2011, functions of the department are as under:

  • Health management, planning and policy
  • Policy matters relating to guidelines regarding:
    • Prevention and control of infectious and contagious diseases
    • Tuberculosis
    • Eradication/ control of malaria
    • Lepers Act
    • Treatment of patients bitten by rabid animals

Adulteration of food through administration of Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 and the rules framed thereunder:

  • Nutrition surveys
  • Nutrition and publicity in regard to food
  • Vaccination and inoculation
  • Maternity and child welfare
  • Port quarantine


The medical functions observed are enlisted as below:

  • Regulation of medical and other professional qualifications and standards
  • Medical practitioners ( National Service) Act, 1950
  • Medical registration including Medical Council
  • Indigenous system of medicine
  • Medical attendance of government servants
  • Guidelines regarding levy of fee by medical officers
  • Collection, compilation, registration and analysis of vital health statistics and estimation of population for future projections
  • Medical institutions, chemical examination laboratories and Blood Transfusion services in the province including Blood Bank 
  • Control of medicinal drugs, poisons and dangerous drugs (Drugs Act and Rules)
  • Medical education including Medical Schools and Colleges and institution of Dentistry
  • Medical and Nursing Council


Enlisted below are the functions defined for nursing:

  • Administrative control of the entire nursing cadre in the province in respect of those working under the provincial Health department or in the teaching hospitals
  • Education (local and foreign) service and pay structure of nursing cadre

Administration of the following laws and the rules framed there under:

  • Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department
  • Budget, accounts and audit matters 
  • Preparation of development schemes, budget, schedule of new expenditure and ADP proposals
  • The Public Health (Emergency Provisions) Ordinance, 1944
  • Epidemic Diseases Act, 1958
  • Punjab Vaccination Ordinance, 1958 (W.P Ordinance XXVII of 1958)
  • Punjab Juvenile smoking Ordinance, 1959 (W.P. Ordinance XII of 1959)
  • Punjab Prohibition of Smoking in Cinema Houses Ordinance, 1960 (W.P. Ordinance IV of 1960) 
  • Eye Surgery (Restriction) Ordinance 1960
  • Punjab Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 (W.P Ordinance VII of 1960)
  • Allopathic System (prevention of misuse) Ordinance, 1962
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Ordinance, 1962
  • Unani, Ayurveda and Homoeopathic Practitioners Act, 1965
  • Pharmacy Act, 1967
  • The Pakistan Nursing Council Act, 1973
  • Drugs Act, 1976
  • Medical & Dental Degree Ordinance 1982
  • Punjab Health Foundation Act, 1992
  • Punjab Transfusion of Safe Blood Ordinance 1999
  • Mental Health Ordinance for Pakistan 2001
  • Protection of Breast Feeding and Child Nutrition Ordinance, 2002
  • Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance, 2002
  • Punjab Medical and Health Institutions Act 2003 
  • Injured Persons (Medical Aid Act) 2004
  • King Edward Medical University, Lahore Act, 2005
  • Human Organ Transplant Ordinance, 2007
  • Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons Ordinance, 1962
  • The University of Health Sciences Lahore Ordinance, 2002

Matters incidental and ancillary to the above subjects.