Epidemics Prevention and Control Program

To combat unprecedented Dengue Epidemic in 2011, although Government started multipronged activities but there was lack of a comprehensive plan with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. To meet this deficiency, Department of Health developed a Plan under the title of “Prevention and Control Program of Epidemics in Punjab” spanning on one year.

This programme initiated its activities from 07th January 2012 and was supposed to end on 06th January 2013 but now it will continue its operations as has been shifted from developmental to non-developmental funds. It is the result of effective and efficient implementation of Dengue prevention and control activities that in year 2012, only few hundred cases were reported while one death occurred because of Dengue Syndrome and in 2013 there has been around 3000 confirmed cases 17 deaths mainly due to more rainfalls and dengue epidemics in Karachi and Swat.

The main components of the program are Disease and Vector Surveillance, Health Education, Communication, Social Mobilization and Advocacy, Institutional & Capacity Building, Research & Development for five high-risk cities in particular and generally for all the districts of Punjab.


  • Make  institutionalized and sustainable arrangements to combat Dengue and other Epidemics  
  • Protect the population of Punjab from Dengue fever and other infectious diseases.
  • Introduce comprehensive health including preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative components.
  • Enhance coverage and quality of health care at all levels including districts, tehsils/towns and union councils.
  • Maintain preparedness all the time to combat Dengue and other epidemics.
  • Ensure involvement of community, civil society community leaders in controlling Dengue and other epidemics in the Punjab.