Health Education Program

Health communication, advocacy, behavior change communication and social mobilization is the priority area of the Punjab Health Department.  All the vertical health programs have their own set of communication activities and budget.  Health Communication and social mobilization activities are arranged through regular funds of the project or donor support. UNICEF is the lead donor agency for communication activities and has been supporting activities of social mobilization for Polio, EPI, MNCH and HIV AIDS.  

Health Education Section

Directorate General Health Services has a purposive section of “Health Education” with sole responsibility to provide technical support to the Department in developing communication plans, execution of the activities, monitoring of communication tasks and impact evaluation. Mix media approach is followed to reach various targets. Technical resources for Health Communication from following departments are working:

  • Provincial Health Education Cell
  • District Health Education Cells
  • HE Cells in Public Health Schools
  • HE Cells in Medical College