Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU)

The need of Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) was identified mutually by Health Department and donors. Therefore, the need to have a body working closely with the Department of Health on policy analysis, strategic planning, data analysis, identifying issues and challenges was acknowledged. It was decided that the established Unit shall help in designing new initiatives as response to the challenges in coordination and consultation with national and international partners both in private and public development sectors. The Punjab Health Sector Reforms Program was already performing this role, (remove comma) but it was decided to transform the PMU-PHSRP (Project Management Unit- Punjab Health Sectors Reform Program) into PSPU which was approved in December 2012 and has been operational since 1st July 2013. The budget approved for 3 years is Rs.171.9 million.

The Punjab Health Sector Reform Program (PHSRP) was inspired from “The Punjab Education Sector Reform Program (2006-07)”. PHSRP was designed originally to improve and monitor primary and secondary health care systems by providing missing health facilities and financial incentives to the health facilities’ staff and also for monitoring absenteeism at health facilities.

The main objectives of PSPU are:

  • Public-Private mix of human resources

  • Steering committee to approve policies